With its whopping 7 layers in total, the Executive Storm-Proof car cover by Oxgord is the best of the bunch. The materials are high quality and provide excellent water/moisture protection. Good value and a very complete package.

If you’re looking to protect your car from the elements both indoor and outdoor, a car cover is a simple and cost-effective solution. Although it may seem like an uncomplicated product, each car cover sets itself apart with different features, benefits and included accessories.

We have compiled a list of the most popular car covers on the market today and reviewed each individual product. We’ve looked at how it performs outdoors under the influence of rain, snow, sun and other factors such as bird droppings, debris and dust. Performance indoors was relatively comparable for most cover we looked at.

We’ve already spoiled what the best car cover under $100 is (oops), but refer to the comparison table below for a more detailed look.

Oh, and if you would like to read more about how to choose the best car cover for your needs, we would like to point you to our article called “How To Choose the Best Car Cover for Your Vehicle“.

Note: we are currently reviewing the best car cover under $100 for 2018. Stay tuned!

The Top Car Covers Compared

 PriceOverall ratingShop NowTie-down rope/cableStorage bagAntenna reinforcement patchDriver-side accessWarranty
OxGord Executive Storm-Proof$$$Buy on Amazon1 year
Leader Accessories Platinum Guard$$Buy on Amazon3 years
Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard$$Buy on Amazon2 years
Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3$$Buy on Amazon3 years
Budge Rain Barrier$$Buy on Amazon5 years
Motor Trend Auto Armor$Buy on Amazon2 years
Budge Premier Tyvek$$Buy on Amazon

5 years
Budge Duro$Buy on Amazon5 years
Budge Lite$Buy on Amazon2 years
Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 1$Buy on Amazon2 years

Let’s take a quick look at each individual product, ranked by our rating.

1. OxGord Executive Storm-Proof

The OxGord Executive Storm-Proof car cover is on the higher end of the budget-friendly options, but well worth the price.

This cover is 100% waterproof and is available in seven sizes and fits a variety of vehicles. It has seven layers, including a soft cotton liner that will protect your vehicle from wind, rain, and snow. The layers are also designed for optimum UV protection and temperature control. With reinforced seams and portions of the hemline, this car cover is designed to last for a long time.

Though there is no warranty specified, but manufacturer customer service is excellent and they attempt to solve whatever problems might arise.

The OxGord Executive Storm-Proof car cover comes with a storage bag, antenna pouch, elastic corners, and drawstring for an extra secure fit. If that was not enough, it also offers built-in grommets for undercarriage tie-downs.

Though this cover is more expensive than some of its competitors, it is one of the only covers in this price range that offers 100% waterproof protection.

4.3 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

Good value for money
100% waterproof
7 layers of protection
Great customer service
Higher price

2. Leader Accessories Platinum Guard

The Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Universal Car Cover was designed with a seven layer, ultra-thick material that can stand up to the toughest weather. This includes rain, heavy snow, wind, environmental pollutants, and moderate sized debris.

It provides a soft buffer from minor bumps and scratches, even mild hailstorms. This makes the Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Universal Car Cover ideal for both indoor and outdoor storage.

This car cover comes with fabric covered grommets, a storage bag, 2 year guarantee, and 3 year limited warranty. Additionally, the manufacturer will provide a free antenna reinforcement patch upon request.

With waterproof seams and water resistant, cotton lined, fabric the Leader Accessories Platinum Guard 7 Layer Universal Car Cover is an excellent choice for a breathable cover that allows for maximum water evaporation. Additionally, these features also provide maximum interior temperature control to prevent internal damage from over-heating.

The cover is washable and provides high-end protection at a budget-friendly price.

The Leader Accessories Platinum Guard car cover

4.2 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

7 layers of protection
Water resistant
Washable cover
Good for indoor & outdoor
Antenna patch not included
Not 100% waterproof

3. Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard (tie)

The Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard Car Cover is made of a five-layer, biodegradable material. Though the material is thick, there are not five obvious layers that can be identified for unique attributes.

The cover is available in 20 sizes. Some of the offered sizes would even fit a compact car or All-Terrain Vehicle.

The Xtreme Guard Car Cover by Leader Accessories provides UV protection and basic weather barrier. It is water resistant, but will not prevent moisture over long durations of water exposure. The sealed seams, however, are 100% waterproof. The labeled front, elastic corners, and clips for additional security make this cover easy to install and remove.

Though it is not the best cover in its price range, it does offer decent protection and a 2-year warranty.

If the vehicle is stored indoors, this cover will provide more than adequate protection against dirt, dust, and minor scratches.

When not in use, the storage bag provided will protect the cover from damage and keep it clean and ready for use.

The Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard car cover

3.9 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

Size for almost any vehicle
Waterproof seams
Labeled front-side
Not great for outdoors
Does not prevent moisture long-term

3. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 (tie)

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Car Cover is a low-budget cover that offers a variety of high-end features.

Though the cover is not rated for severe weather or particularly high winds, it does provide effective protection against rain and snow. Like other covers, it will provide a barrier against small debris, bird droppings, and tree sap.

With the elastic hemline, 3-ply water repellant polypropylene fabric, and non-scratch grommets the cover can be used for both indoor and outdoor protection.

One of the most notable features that the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Car Cover offers is the zippered entry to the driver’s side door. This makes it ideal for long-term winter or indoor storage. The ease of access to the vehicle without removing the cover is a feature not often included in this price range.

This cover also includes a storage bag, antenna reinforcement patch, and 3-year limited warranty.

Overall, it is an excellent choice for vehicles requiring long-term storage and mild weather protection.

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 car cover

3.9 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

Driver-side door access
Antenna patch
3-year warranty
Water resistant

3. Budge Rain Barrier (tie)

The Budge Rain Barrier car cover is an excellent, basic car cover for the budget-minded buyer.

The cover is made of a three-layer polypropylene cover where the middle layer is a waterproof film. The ultrasonically welded seams provide additional moisture protection and the microporous inner and outer layers allow for optimum moisture evaporation. In addition to protection against wind, rain, snow, UV rays, and small debris, the cover is designed to prevent against long-term damage from moisture, mold, and mildew.

The 360-degree elastic hem keeps the cover secure for indoor usage, while the addition of grommets allows for more secure protection during outdoor use. The cover comes with a handy storage bag to protect the cover from damage when not in use.

A five-year manufacturer’s warranty makes this cover worth every penny. The warranty guarantees the elastic hemline, all stitching and ultrasonic welding of the seams, grommets, and even the tri-layer material itself.

The Budge Rain Barrier car cover

3.9 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

Excellent 5-year warranty
Secure fit
Medium value for money

6. Motor Trend Auto Armor

The Motor Trend Auto Armor Car Cover is a budget-friendly product for those looking for optimum protection of their paint, especially against rain and high temperatures.

Though it is not designed to withstand severe weather, the cover has high ratings when it comes to water repellency and UV protection. It is an excellent choice for an indoor cover, or outdoor in locations without frequent weather extremes.

The Motor Trend Auto Armor Car Cover comes in five convenient sizes and offers two layers of protection, one being a soft inner lining. Front and back labeling allows for easy installation, while the full-length elastic hem, nylon tie-downs, and cable lock are useful for additional security.

This cover does not include an antenna patch and is not recommended for vehicles with lengthy antennae. It does, however, include a two-year warranty, storage bag, and instruction booklet.

Overall, this cover is an excellent choice for buyers looking for paint protection and interior temperature control, but not heavy-duty weather defence.

The Motor Trend Auto Armor car cover

3.8 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

Excellent value
Good moisture protection
Great materials
2-year warranty
No antenna patch

7. Budge Premier Tyvek

The Budge Premier Tyvek Car Cover comes in seven different sizes that are designed to fit a variety of vehicles.

This cover is a product of the USA and is made of a single layer of DuPont’s Tyvek material. This material is lightweight, breathable, and water repellant. Its white color makes it ideal for UV protection and interior temperature control.

Though the cover does include a full elastic hem and attachable grommets, it is not recommended for extended outdoor storage. This material is designed for optimum protection against UV rays, dust, and dirt. This makes it the perfect option for indoor protection. The water repellant fabric will guard against minor spills and splashes.

With a 5-year warranty and handy storage bag the Budge Premier Tyvek Car Cover will keep your vehicle looking clean and fresh even after long-term storage.

Overall, though it is not recommended for outdoor use, this cover has everything necessary for budget-friendly, long-term, indoor storage.

The Budge Premier Tyvek car cover

3.7 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

Great warranty
Easy installation
Decent value
Not for outdoor use
Material can tear in harsh conditions

8. Budge Duro

The Budge Duro Car Cover is a decent product when used only for indoor vehicle storage. This cover is not intended for outdoor use and the material cannot withstand extended exposure to UV rays, rain, or snow.

The full elastic hem will keep the cover secure, though grommets are included if the need for additional tie-downs occurs. This cover offers a 5-year warranty but does not come with a protective storage bag.

Customers should keep in mind that the 3-layer material is water resistant, but not waterproof. Moisture can get through the cover, and therefore it is not recommended for outdoor use. Of the three layers, the inner lining is a soft scratch-resistant material that will protect the paint of your vehicle.

Installation is simple, especially with the addition of the front and back labeling.

The Budge Duro Car Cover is a budget-friendly option for a customer looking for basic, but effective, indoor storage protection. When looking for a minimalist slip-cover the triple-layer protection will outdo many single-layer interior covers, however it cannot compete with the durability of covers intended for outdoor use.

The Budge Duro car cover

3.5 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

Great warranty
Good dust protection
Decent value
Not for outdoor use

9. Budge Lite

The Budge Lite car cover is a top pick for anyone looking for an indoor cover or short-term outdoor protection from dust and dirt. This cover is not suggested for long-term outdoor use, as it is not waterproof.

The single layer of polypropylene is lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for UV protection and mold or mildew prevention. These are excellent qualities for indoor storage, especially in non-climate controlled buildings.

The cover is available in seven sizes, with ranges made to fit most types of vehicles. Though it does provide grommets for securing tie-downs along the undercarriage, they are not necessary for indoor use. The full elastic hemline is enough to keep the cover in place in most indoor locations. The front and back of the Budge Lite car cover are labeled making installation simple.

A 2-year warranty and storage bag are included as extra features.

Though this cover is not recommended for outdoor exposure, it is an inexpensive option that fulfills all basic indoor storage needs.

The Budge Lite car cover

3.3 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

Good dust protection
Not for outdoor use
2-year warranty

10. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 1

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 1 Car Cover is not designed for outdoor use. The single layer is designed to be lightweight and protect against interior issues such as dust and scratches. A well-protected location is ideal due to the fact that this cover provides only moderate UV protection.

The cover is available in seven sizes and comes with a 2-year warranty. It is the #1 selling car cover on Amazon and certainly does its job for indoor protection.

Elastic corners keep the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 1 Car Cover while grommets and tie strings are included for extra security.

This cover is not water resistant. Though it is advertised as repellant, like most indoor-only covers, it does not withstand long-term exposure to moisture.

A storage bag is included for convenient protection between uses.

Overall, this is a solid option for a budget-friendly indoor cover and performs well as long as it is not exposed to the outdoor elements for more than a short period of time.

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro1 car cover

3.2 / 5

Shop Now on Amazon

Not for outdoor use
Sides are short
Elastic hem is weak
Material underperforms

Last update: January 10, 2018

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