The Bottom Line

The Budge Rain Barrier car cover comes in both tan and gray at a price that is both affordable, and worthwhile. This design has a three-layer polypropylene and microporous fabric that keeps the vehicle dry, while allowing the necessary amount of airflow and evaporation that prevents damage to the vehicle as well as mold or mildew buildup.

Overall, though the cover is a simple design, it provides some useful features that make it ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. The full elastic band gives a secure fit to the edges of the vehicle, while the grommets allow for an advanced tie-down against heavy gusts of wind. The lightweight material makes installation a breeze, while the included storage bag allows customers to maintain the cover’s integrity when not in use.

We rate this cover 3.9 out of 5 stars. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what we have here.

The Budge Rain Barrier car cover
The Budge Rain Barrier car cover

What You Get

One grey or tan, three-layered polypropylene and waterproof film cover with securable grommets, storage bag, and full elastic hemline. The seams of this cover are ultrasonically welded for additional durability and moisture protection.

Features & Benefits

The Budge Rain Barrier car cover comes in gray or tan, depending on preference. The cover is manufactured with a tri-layer microporous material that is designed to create the ideal level of protection from water and environmental debris. The inner and outer layers are comprised of a spun-bond polypropylene that are separated by an interior layer of waterproof film.

Tie-down grommets are convenient
Tie-down grommets are convenient

The cover boasts an elastic hem that surrounds the entire length of the product, allowing for complete coverage of the vehicle. It is important, however, that the proper size be selected upon ordering to ensure the optimal fit. For additional security, against wind and debris gusts from the underside, the Budge Rain Barrier car cover provides a series of grommets for undercarriage tie-downs.

One of the most unique features of this particular cover are the ultrasonically welded seams. With seams sealed for additional durability and weather protection, particularly related to moisture, this cover is prepared for both indoor and outdoor use. Though some customers reported defects in the ultrasonic seal, they were happy to note that their covers were easily, and quickly, replaced.

The five-year manufacturer’s warranty is, perhaps, one of the longer warranties available to this price range. Customers note that claims are met with speedy replacement and helpful customer service. The warranty guarantees coverage of the entire length of the elastic hemline, all stitching and ultrasonic welding, and grommets, as well as the tri-layered material.

Finally, a storage bag is provided for moments when the cover is not in use. Customers report that removal and installation of the product is simple, and effective, when instructions are followed and proper sizing selected.

So, How Does It Perform?

Water-resistant, rather than water-proof
Water-resistant, rather than water-proof

This cover is a worthwhile purchase for the budget-friendly price. Though the design of the Budge Rain Barrier car cover maintains the simplicity of a basic slip-cover, the triple-layered protection of the fabric raises the standards of this cover above its competitors. Though the cover is marketed as waterproof, customers report that the design is more reasonably qualified as water resistant. The reason for this claim clarifies a surprising benefit of the design, rather than a flaw. The breathable interior and exterior layers of the polypropylene fabrics are meant to provide optimum airflow to aide in effective moisture evaporation. Only the innermost layer is truly waterproof.

This is an important feature because it means that the cover not only protects against rain, snow, UV rays, small particles and debris, but the microporous film also prevents the buildup of mold and mildew. For customers who leave their vehicles covered for long periods of time, this is extremely important as mold and mildew can be both destructive, and difficult to eradicate.

Customers who installed the cover properly, including use of the grommets for undercarriage security, were pleased with the fit and function of the Budge Rain Barrier car cover. The material is lightweight able to be removed or installed without difficulty. Though the cover is marketed for both indoor and outdoor use, it is recommended to fully secure any cover whenever intending on leaving a vehicle outside.

What Buyers Are Saying

  • Secure fit (when proper size is selected).
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to store (Storage bag provided)
  • Budget-friendly product.
  • Water-resistant, not water-proof.
  • Must secure tie-downs with grommets to protect against wind.

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