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The OverDrive PolyPro I is a car cover made by Classic Accessories and comes in 7 different sizes to fit your vehicle. As one of the most inexpensive full size car covers it does its job adequately. Customer reviews are positive in general. It is inexpensive, fits most vehicles, is lightweight and comes with tie-down grommets and tie strings. It’s recommended to use this cover mostly for indoor vehicle storage and keep it away from harsh weather.

We rate this cover 3.2 out of 5 stars. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro1 car cover
The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro1 car cover

What You Get

One car cover (light blue/gray) with elastic hem around the corners and non-scratch tie-down grommets. A storage bag is included, along with some rope to tie down the cover using the tie-down grommets.

Features & Benefits

The covers features an elastic hem around the corners making it easy to keep the cover from coming off your vehicle. Along with the elastic hem, you can also use the built-in tie-down grommets (one on each side) and the included rope to further tie the cover down for extra security.

It is advertised as being water-repellent (though not waterproof), but many customers do not recommend to use this car cover if it sees a lot of rain or snow. It is generally meant to be used indoors, in a garage or under a car port. Using this cover when your vehicle is exposed to a lot of sun, rain or snow is not recommended.

The included storage bag
The included storage bag

The material is a single layer fabric that protects the vehicle against dirt, scratches, pollution and sun damage. If you are looking for something more durable, you are better off choosing a cover with a fabric that consists of multiple layers (check out some of our other car cover reviews). It is ideal for vehicle storage and moderate UV and weather protection.

This product comes with a reasonable 2 year warranty, weighs in just under 5 lbs and comes in various sizes to fit your exact vehicle.

So, How Does It Perform?

Considering this is the number one selling car cover on Amazon, let’s take a closer look and see how it performs.

Somewhat misleading image of the material as it's not waterproof
Somewhat misleading image of the material as it’s not waterproof

Overall this PolyPro I is a good value-for-money car cover. It’s one of the most inexpensive covers at an MSRP of $39.95, but with that come some restrictions. We would not recommend this if you are looking for a cover that can withstand rain, snow or sand/dust. It’s not waterproof (and it’s not advertised as such) and is geared towards indoor use. Keep this in mind when considering buying this cover.

Reading through a few of the customer reviews of this cover on Amazon, you can see some customers have used this product for outdoor vehicle storage. This didn’t end well for most customers. The cover would slowly disintegrate and tears would appear when using this cover under extended sunlight or rain and snow.

If you use it for what it was meant to do, which is indoor vehicle storage (or at least covered outdoor storage) the product performs well and does what it’s supposed to do. If you’ve chosen the correct size for your vehicle it fits well and is easy to tie down using the built-in tie-down grommets.

What Buyers Are Saying

  • This cover is made of a breathable material and is not waterproof.
  • It keeps tree sap, bird droppings and foliage off the car.
  • This cover is great for indoor usage and performs well for the price.
  • The sides of the car cover tend to be a little short, even when buying the correct size for the vehicle.
  • The elastic bands at the corners are a little weak.
  • The antenna patch doesn’t last very long.
  • It’s is difficult to put the cover back into the included storage bag after use.
  • Great for indoor use.
  • Customer service from Classic Accessories is generally responsive and accommodating.

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