The Bottom Line

The G4Free Waterproof Car Top Carrier is an excellent purchase compared to other cargo bags in its price range. The PVC coated, polyester fabric with dual-seam technology protects internal items from rain, snow, wind, UV rays, extreme temperatures, and small debris.

According to customer reviews, the G4Free Waterproof Car Top Carrier’s fabric quality appears to be much more durable than its competitors. Not only does the material provide complete water protection, but it also comes with multiple sets of attachment straps depending on whether or not your vehicle has a roof rack. Customers without a roof rack can be assured that this bag with ride securely on their vehicle when attached with the longer straps. This bag is very large compared to most cargo bags.

Excess space in a cargo bag can create a flapping effect, and therefore damage the item. This item is recommended for customers traveling with large loads as well as large vehicles.

We rate this cover 4.2¬†out of 5 stars. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what we have here.

The G4Free waterproof car top carrier

What You Get

One G4Free Waterproof Car Top Carrier with a substantial 18.5 cubic feet of additional storage for your vehicle. The bag is made of non-slip polyester fabric with interior and exterior PVC coating. Ten, one-inch wide, straps for rooftop rack, or rack-less, installation are included. Eight of the straps are designed for short distance attachment to roof racks, while two extra-long straps are included for attachment through the vehicle doors. The protective, waterproof, zipper flap is secured with eight pieces of Velcro, for optimum security. Finally, the G4Free Carrier also includes a small storage bag to protect the item when not in use.

Features & Benefits

Attached to a roof rack using 8 included straps.

The feature of most significance for the G4Free Waterproof Car Top Carrier is the ability to adhere to a vehicle with or without a permanent roof rack. Ten buckle straps (rated for 3,000 lbs) are included with the purchase. Eight of the straps are short attachments for when installing with cross or side bars. Two additional straps are included for attachment through the doors.

Another excellent feature is the waterproof material. The polyester fabric is crafted with dual-seam technology to prevent moisture leaks. These seams are first sewn, and then welded with high-quality results. Both the interior and exterior are coated with a waterproof PVC layer for extra protection. The zippers are protected with a double layered flap and eight Velcro security points. Together, these features protect your items against rain, snow, wind, debris, UV exposure, and extreme temperatures (including cold).

This is one of the few rooftop bags that includes a carrying sack for when the item is not in use. This sack will protect the cargo bag from damage and ensure that there are no weak spots in the material when in use.

While there is no formal warranty on this item, customers report extreme satisfaction with the manufacturer’s customer service department and their willingness to attempt to solve any issues that may arise.

So, How Does It Perform?

Attached through the car using included 2 longer straps.

Customers were very pleased with the option of dual strap sets. The G4Free Waterproof Car Top Carrier comes with eight rack straps, and two rack-less straps. Customers receive both. They do not have to choose between styles, as they would be forced to do with other cargo bags. This is not only a useful feature for customers who do not have a rack on their vehicle, but also for those who intend to use the item on multiple vehicles. Transitioning the cargo bag between a racked and rack-less vehicle is much more cost effective than purchasing a separate cargo bag for each vehicle. This feature makes the purchase of this item well worth the cost.

The PVC coated, polyester material was noted as durable, waterproof, and overall an excellent value for the purchase. The G4Free Waterproof Car Top Carrier’s design includes dual seam technology. The seams are first sewn, and then welded for optimal protection against water leakage. The PVC coating is applied to both the inner and outer lining of the bag. Overall, customers did not report complaints about the waterproof quality of the rooftop bag, as long as the zippers were secured according the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The G4Free Waterproof Car Top Carrier is quite large. As such, it is recommended for use on larger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and minivans. Customers should measure the surface space of their vehicle before purchase to ensure that this oversized cargo bag will fit securely on top of their vehicle. Though the 18.5 cubic foot bag may be too large for smaller vehicles, customers with amounts of luggage were pleased with their purchase.

What Buyers Are Saying

  • Durable.
  • Very large.
  • Waterproof (if installed correctly)
  • Excellent customer service from manufacturer.

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