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Leader Accessories Platinum Guard 7 Layer Universal Car Cover is a budget-friendly product that surpasses its competitors in strength and durability. The ultra-thick material and cotton lining protect the vehicle against scratches and moderate debris while providing a water resistant shield.

The breathable fabrics and durable protection make this cover ideal for locations battling weather such as heavy snowfall or mild hailstorms. When properly installed, the non-scratch grommets and 360 degree elastic edge create a protective seal around the vehicle that is top-of-the-line for this price range. Overall, the cover is considered an excellent choice for heavy-duty protection on a budget.

We rate this cover 4.2 out of 5 stars. Let’s take a better look!

The Leader Accessories Platinum Guard car cover
The Leader Accessories Platinum Guard car cover

What You Get

One grey-toned, cotton lined car cover with a full circumference elastic hem, fabric-covered grommets, and waterproof seams. The package includes a storage bag, two-year guarantee, and three-year limited warranty.

Features & Benefits

Though the Leader Accessories Platinum Guard 7 Layer Universal Car Cover masquerades as a budget-friendly car cover, the thick material and heavy-duty resistance propels this cover to the highest rankings of its competitors. Its simple design makes installation a breeze, while the density of the protective fabric will guard a vehicle against more severe weather conditions. Despite being marketed as an outdoor cover, this no-fuss slip-cover would make an excellent indoor cover as well, especially for protecting against small bumps and scratches.

Featuring a full elastic hem
Featuring a full elastic hem

Upon purchase, owners receive a two-year guarantee and three-year limited warranty. Customers describe the service representatives as helpful and friendly. The three-year warranty is an excellent addition for customers looking for heavy-duty outdoor protection and longevity. Additionally, the manufacturer offers a free (upon request) antenna reinforcement patch.

This cover is designed to be water-resistant, not water-proof. It should be noted that the breathable fabric is designed to allow any moisture build up to evaporate without damage to the vehicle. Customers who complained about dampness after a heavy rain likely did not allow for this evaporation period, or were expecting a water-proof product. The benefit of allowing the fabric to breathe, provides increased protection against paint damage as well as interior temperature reduction. For customers looking to have complete moisture protection, we would recommend finding a water-resistant product.

Other useful features of this product include protection against UV rays, snow, ice, wind, industrial pollutants, airborne paint overspray, and small debris. The cover is washable and can be stored within the provided bag for later use. It should be noted that customers described the storage bag as smaller than expected. It is recommended to store this cover in a different container if unsuccessful at refolding the item.

So, How Does It Perform?

This cover does an excellent job for the price. Unlike other products in this price range, the Leader Accessories Platinum Guard 7 Layer Universal Car Cover seems to be made to stand up to heavier weather conditions. This is likely due to the thick material and elastic band that runs the entire length of the cover. Similar covers often provide elastic only at the front and rear of the vehicle. Customers report excellent protection against heavy winds, snow, and ice. Some even noted that the thick material protected their vehicle against moderate hail storms.

The water-repellent material is of high quality
The water-repellent material is of high quality

This product provides a strong barrier against dust, dirt, sap, leaves, and bird droppings. The cotton-lined fabric is soft enough to protect the paint of the vehicle, while breathable in a way that allows for optimum water evaporation. It should be noted that while the cover is not water-proof, it is repellant and designed to allow any moisture to dry without damage to the vehicle.

The 360 degree coverage of the elastic hem gives this cover a secure fit that surpasses many of its competitors. At the same time, the tie-down grommets, fabric lined for optimal protection, secure the cover against heavier winds and potential dislodging. The cover comes in multiple sizes that are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles. Selecting the proper size is extremely important to ensure the highest quality fit and protection. Customers recommend measuring your vehicle by hand, especially for custom vehicles.

Two important features of the Leader Accessories Platinum Guard 7 Layer Universal Car Cover, are the 100% waterproof seams and interior temperature reduction properties. Many covers provide water protection, but fail to seal the seams. This allows water to seep in along the joined lines of fabric. The Leader Accessories Platinum guard 7 Layer Universal Car Cover guarantees that water will not enter through these seams, ensuring that the vehicle does not gather a surplus of moisture in these locations.

What Buyers Are Saying:

  • Material is heavy duty and very thick.
  • Elastic edge may scratch vehicle if not properly installed.
  • Secure fit, especially for larger vehicles (when proper size is selected).
  • Measure your vehicle by hand. Do not rely on vehicle manufacturer listings.
  • Stitching along edge may come undone. Easily repaired.
  • Budget-friendly product.
  • Water-resistant, not water-proof.

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  1. We bought the Leader Platinum car cover and delivered to us just this week. The first rainstorm we received this evening, it wanted to blow off. The strap broke off the hem after trying to get the cover back onto the bumper of the car. We purchased the car cover designed for the 2018 Toyota Camry. It does not fit correctly.


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